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A Leo and an Aquarius would form a love match with moderate compatibility. Read on to know more about their relationship.

Astrology: Leo and Aquarius

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Leo and Aquarius

The compatibility between a Leo and an Aquarian may not be great, but it will not be too bad either. There is a difference in their personality traits, yet none of them will be would be so major that they cannot be curbed or conquered. Both tend to be emotional and stimulating, leading to an amicable and affable relationship between the two. The other thing which is common in the duo is their love for adventure. Thrill and excitement, enveloped with ecstasy, is the joy of their life and they will enjoy each other’s company in this.
There are a few differences which, though nominal, can cause serious problems in the relationship. The Lion may be too demanding for the Water Bearer, who in turn can be too aloof and detached. The former will also fail to understand the unpredictability, coldness and elusiveness of the latter. Another aspect which might lead to negativity in the couple is the carefree nature of the Water Bearer which would not go too well with the Lion. Both of them need to be a little more flexible and control their ego. Things would then automatically start falling into place.
Leo Man & Aquarius Woman
Initially, things may be very pleasant in the love match between a Leo man and an Aquarian woman. However, if they do not try to understand each other, things might start getting a little shaky. There are differences between the two, which need to be curbed. While he gets too emotionally involved, she will feel the need for space every now and then. They will need to balance such extremities. He should learn to give her the space she wants and she ought to make him feel loved and cared for. Both the Leo male and the Aquarius female should take a step towards each other to make their life blissful and pleasurable.
Leo Woman & Aquarius Man
Some effort and understanding from both the sides would be required to take compatibility to high levels and form the bond into a long lasting relationship. Emotionally, they will need to make efforts to make their relationship work. The Water Bearer needs to be careful enough to keep his criticism away from the sensitive Leo and instead, shower her with loads of compliments. The duo of Leo female and Aquarius male is pretty vibrant, with him being quite unconventional and her being pretty powerful. This combination will give rise to a situation where boredom and dullness have no place to survive. A little adjustment and both have the possibility of venturing into a fun-filled relationship.

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