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A perfect love match marks the coming together of a Libran and an Aquarian. Know the relationship compatibility between the two.

Astrology: Libra and Aquarius

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Libra and Aquarius

A Libran and an Aquarian are near identical in their personality traits and have similar needs and interests. They are characterized as social beings who love to interact with people and are gregarious by nature. Freedom and independence are essential elements in this relationship and both of the partners enjoy giving each other space and room for living. There is an instant attraction between a Libran and an Aquarian, in the first meeting only. They would form a great bond and together, would learn a lot of things and accomplish greater heights.
The Water Bearer would engage in intelligent conversation with a Libra and both of them would encourage each other's ideas and thoughts. They are likely to have a great chemistry as well as compatibility, not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. The only thing which acts as a hitch in the relationship is that while Libran is a personal lover, Aquarian is a universal lover. However, with time, they will learn to get over this. The spendthrift nature of the Water bearer also can create a little e bit of problems. All in all, the couple works very well together, for a happy and contented life, though with a bit of efforts.
Libra Man & Aquarius Woman
The union of a Libran man and an Aquarius woman is a match of equals, where both share same grounds of love, peace and contentment. From being best friends to a great boyfriend/girlfriend to perfect soul mates, the duo is exceptional. Libra male is very open and expressive of his feelings and would use creative ways to make her feel special and unique. The Aquarius female, on the other hand, would attract him with her good looks and intelligent conversation. Together, they would build a castle of love and happiness.
Libra Woman & Aquarius Man
The only hitch between the two is her decision making problem and his commitment problem. Once past this, they form a perfect couple and would share great time together. Since both of them love freedom, confinement and domination will have no place in their relationship. While she would be fond of his adventurous nature, he would find her intellect and intellectual discussion attractive. Loyalty towards the partner has a prominent place in this relationship and both would work to take their compatibility to higher levels.

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