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A perfect love match is formed when a Gemini and an Aquarian unite. Read on to know Aquarius-Gemini relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Gemini and Aquarius

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Gemini and Aquarius

A stimulating combination, Gemini and Aquarius together share a great rapport. They have similar likes and dislikes and complement each other beautifully in all respects, be it physically, emotionally or psychologically. Both are fond of variety and look for different things in life. Intellectually also, they can engage each other in hour-long conversation and would never run out of topics to talk on. A Gemini and an Aquarian match each other in wittiness as well. They also share similar perspectives, interests and social activities.
Even when the Aquarian retorts to his shell, things would not turn bad. This is because the Gemini would use such times to the fullest. He would love the freedom at this stage, to do whatever he wants. The only concern in the relationship is that the Water Bearer needs to know the tricks of romance to keep the Gemini always interested in the love match. Otherwise, the latter is capable of moving out. The relationship between the two would be a smooth sail, as both the partners would work to diminish any conflict and ensure compatibility.
Gemini Man & Aquarius Woman
The coming together of a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman would result in a long-lasting relationship. Both would complement each other beautifully and gel well with each other. Since the duo is adventurous, they would enjoy exploring new avenues and gaining new experiences. The Gemini would share a number of qualities with the Water Bearer, resulting in a great love match. Change is the mantra for both of them and they would enjoy each other's originality and novelty. In others words, a Gemini male and an Aquarius female make a great couple, who would enjoy life to the fullest!!
Gemini Woman & Aquarius Man
A Gemini woman and an Aquarius man share a great chemistry and need no words to understand each other’s feelings. They are lovers of the same aesthetic feelings and match each other in each and every sphere of life. Both are impetuous by nature and do things without any planning or preparation. So, there will be a need to bring some balance. A positive trait of the relationship between a Gemini female and Aquarius male is that since both the partners are explorative, adventure, thrill and a quest for exciting avenues will always be there. Mentally also, they are in sync with each other. All in all, a perfect couple which would dwell in the realm of happiness!!

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