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The love match between a Taurus and a Gemini will face compatibility problems. Read on to know about Gemini-Taurus relationship.

Astrology: Taurus and Gemini

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Taurus and Gemini

The love match of Taurus and Gemini is not the best of combinations. Opposite characteristics and contrasting personality traits will work against the favorability of this relationship. While the Bull is extremely stable and is cautious about every step he takes, the Gemini is impulsive and restless. The latter would rarely settle for a single thing in life. He is fond of doing things without much planning and preparation, a trait which is steeply in contrast w the overtly careful Taurean. While the Bull believes in consistency, consistency is second nature to a Gemini.
Taurus and Gemini are much unlike each other, each having a temperament different than the other. While the latter is flighty, the Bull is practical and down to earth. He prefers to stay indoors, which is extremely contrary to the outdoor-loving Gemini. Another point of difference between the two is that while the Taurean is firm and takes his own decision without any consultation, the Gemini needs to consult everyone even for the smallest of things. The only positive aspect in this relationship is that the Bull is bowled over by the intelligence and aptitude of Gemini, who gets impressed by the former's strength and resolve.
Taurus Man & Gemini Woman
There may be instant attraction between a Taurus man and a Gemini woman, but things take a halt after that. He will be initially attracted to her enthusiastic nature and her vivacious attitude, while she would be taken aback by his intelligence. However, this is the only thing which is positive for the couple. Even this attraction would fade away after sometime. Taurus male is too possessive and too practical for her vibrancy and she is too restless for his stable self. They are too different from each other and the relationship can only work if both adjust. 
Taurus Woman & Gemini Man
There is almost negligible or no compatibility when a Taurus female is paired with a Gemini man. The duo would reach to no common grounds and hence, have a vast difference in their characteristics and traits. While he is adventurous, she is a home bird. His outgoing nature and exploration will ring bells of suspicion and jealousy in her. Adjustments and commitments can only work to curb the differences in between the two. Otherwise, there would almost be no romantic relation between the two.

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