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Compromise holds the key to the love match between Taurus and Leo. Explore more on Leo-Taurus relationship.

Astrology: Taurus and Leo

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Taurus and Leo

The duo of Taurus and Leo needs to be adept at of compromise if they want their relationship to work. There is a major personality difference between the Bull and the Lion, which can cause trouble for both of them. The most prevalent characteristic of the Lion is his craving for attention, which contrasts with the reserved nature of the Bull. While the former always wants an audience to adore him, the Bull prefers company of only those few people who are close to him. The prudent ways of the Bull are also not likely to go well with the extravagant and magnanimous Leo.
Another point of difference between the two is that while a Taurean wishes for order and organization, the Lion is only impressed by the larger than life canvas. Since both are equally stubborn, when at two opposite ends, neither would succumb to let the other win. Being extremely rigid and inflexible, they need to learn tactfulness, diplomacy and flexibility to make their relationship work. The positive aspect of this love match is the attention which the Bull provides the Lion and, in return, is captivated by the alluring nature of the Leo. A Taurean also lets the Leo to take over the reign of his life, thus giving a boost to the latter's ego.
Taurus Man & Leo Woman
The relationship between a Taurus male and a Leo female would have loads of romantic compatibility. Both are passionate lovers and would gel very well together in this particular aspect. They will also be extremely loyal and faithful towards each other. However, personal discrepancies can drift them apart easily. Be it monetary issues, where he is prudent and she a spendthrift, or the basic nature, where he is a homely being and she a total extrovert, the two are 'poles apart'. The duo should take slow and gradual steps towards each other, making adjustments and compromise in the process.
Taurus Woman & Leo Man
Since both, a Taurus woman and a Leo man are stubborn and rigid; they need to mellow down a little to make things work. He is fond of being the talking point of every conversation and this boosts his ego. She would gladly let him have his extra share of attention and see his basking in the glory. However, the Leo man also must learn to give her space and pay a patient ear to her views and opinions as well. Cooperation holds the key to this relationship. The duo need not worry about loyalty, devotion, passion and romance, as both have plenty of each. As for other aspects, the pairing could work if both manage to find a middle ground.

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