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The love match between two Leos will be subjected to extremities. Read on to know about the relationship & compatibility of a Leo with another.

Astrology: Leo: Leo and Leo

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Leo and Leo

The coming together of two Leos in a love match is something that not many people can stop themselves from wondering about. It is the match of two stunning, creative and gregarious individuals, who can bring energy and liveliness to any dull place. Just like Lion - the 'King of the Jungle', which symbolizes this zodiac sign; Leos are the king of socializing. They mostly have killing looks, which is one reason they get instantly attracted to a fellow Lion. For two Leos, honesty, trust and loyalty hold the key to a relationship.
The only snag in the compatibility between two Leos is their mutual craving for attention and dominance. Since each of them has an equal urge to get noticed and talked about, there would be no one to suffice this need. At the same time, both are natural leaders and question of taking the lead is bound to create problems. Taking the backstage is not easy for a Leo and this is where problems will crop up in the relationship. Two Leos in a love match need to realize that they have to complement each other and not compete with each other.
Two Leos can either be passionate and possessive lovers or violent and brutal enemies. Things will never ever be moderate between the two. Since both are strong willed and determined, the combination would be a sure shot winner if both work towards a single goal. However, if they are interested in different things, it would be an impossible situation to recover from. Emotionally, both of them will blend with each other superbly. If both learn to take turns in being the leaders, they will be able to triumph over anything.

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