Leo and Sagittarius

The relationship between a Leo and a Sagittarius will work very well as both complement each other. They are very much alike and hence will share a great compatibility. A Leo and a Sagittarian are equally optimistic, positive and take a broad viewpoint when they discuss matters. They are also characterized as frank, generous and open hearted. Energy, vigor and enthusiasm are common to both the Lion and the Archer and would make their love match a lively one.
One of the traits that play the spoil sport in the relationship is the flirtatiousness of the Archer, which is sure to make the Lion walk the roads of jealousy and possessiveness. When a Leo commits to a relationship, he is very loyal and will rarely stray, just the opposite of what the Sagittarian does. Being a flirt by nature, the latter does not take to loyalty too easily. His constant craving for freedom is also a very big demand for the Lion to fulfill. A little bit of adjustment can make the life of this couple truly blissful.
Leo Man & Sagittarius Woman
A harmonious relationship ensues when a Leo man meets a Sagittarian woman. Both have similar characteristics and temperaments and hence, enjoy doing things together. An explorative nature is common to the duo. From exploring new places to meeting new people, they love the novelty which life offers. They would enjoy being alongside each other and when together, would seldom get bored. Socializing and partying are important to both. The only snag in the relationship between a Leo male and a Sagittarius female is that both of them need to learn the art of sharing the limelight.
Leo Woman & Sagittarius Man
The compatibility between a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man is great, except for a few things here and there. They have almost the same personality traits. Both are fiery and passionate and enjoy a great time going out on the town, exploring new places and meeting new people. There is a passion in both of them, which would survive throughout their life. Their life would always have a fun quotient in it, rarely being monotonous. The only thing which the Leo female must be cautious about is that he is prone to flirting. She needs to keep a check on him the rest would be fine.