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The compatibility level of a Virgo & a Sagittarius will be moderate. Browse further to know about their love match & relationship.

Astrology: Virgo and Sagittarius

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Virgo and Sagittarius

There is wide difference between a Virgo's and a Sagittarian’s outlook towards life. They are quite unlike each other when it comes to their personality traits, but the combination can work if and only if both the partners are willing to make concessions and change themselves a bit. Virgo is practical by nature and has an analytical way of thinking. This is in sharp contrast to the impulsive, quick, independent and occasional irresponsible behavior of a Sagittarian. However, if they concentrate on the positive aspects of each other, they are sure to experience happiness.
Both, the Virgin and the Archer are game for change. The difference is that the former constantly aspires to change in order to be a perfectionist at whatever he does, while the latter seeks change so as to widen his knowledge horizon. Their union would be great to solve any kind of problem. This is because one looks at the specific overview of the condition and the other is concerned with its broader perspective. If this relationship has to touch high levels of compatibility, the partner would require great understanding of each other.
Virgo Man & Sagittarius Woman
A Virgo man and a Sagittarius woman can be good friends, but a step further in the relationship would require conscious efforts. In this love match, the male is not much into socializing and has a nose for perfection. He also has the tendency to, at times; over-criticize something done by the other. This contradicts the Archer’s bubbly and enthusiastic nature. If both the partners are ready to make comprises and adjustments, this relationship might work. 
Virgo Woman & Sagittarius Man
The combination of a Virgo woman and Sagittarius man is not likely to bring too much of happiness for either of them. They are completely different when it comes to their personality traits and characteristics. While the male is the excited and energetic and loves to socialize and make new friends, the female plays the spoil sport. She is the complaining types and has a serious and somber attitude towards life. While he would not satisfy her need for safety and security, she would wear him out by her excessive carefulness. While she expects loyalty from the relationship, he is of the flirtatious types.

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