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The love match of a Virgo and an Aquarius does not offer great compatibility. Read on to know about Aquarius-Virgo relationship.

Astrology: Virgo and Aquarius

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Virgo and Aquarius

The union of a Virgo and an Aquarian is a sound one, as they share great intellectual and mental compatibility. The couple can have a great chemistry when it comes to business. However, when the subject is love, both are in for a surprise. While the Virgo is lucid, bright, logical and cool, the Aquarius can be composed, isolated and detached. The other difference between the two is that while you can predict the Virgo, an Aquarian does not give you a chance to do so. The latter is highly impulsive and erratic, a fact disliked by the former.
Another aspect of disparity between the Virgin and the Water Bearer is that while the former sees things as they are, the latter takes a wider aspect into consideration. An Aquarius is led by creativity, which has no logic and rationality, much unlike the logical and the coherent Virgo. Both of them will have a tough time bonding on an emotional level and lack much compatibility. There needs to be constant conscious efforts by both the partners to make this match work as well on the love front as the business tie-up.
Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman
Lots of efforts and adjustments would be required to make the relationship of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman work. While the Virgo male indulges in a lot of negative thinking, the Aquarius female believes in optimism and would always see the brighter side of things. The bond between the two would be very inspirational, as each of them would help the other achieve what he/she has dreamt of. However, the relationship will be far more successful when the bond is on business level, rather than emotional level.
Virgo Woman & Aquarius Man
The initial phase of this relationship would result in a strong bond between the two, but things would start to steep downwards with time. While the Aquarius male would appreciate her rational and logical thinking initially, she would be attracted to his far flung ideas and his dreaminess. However, the attraction will be for a matter of time only and gradually, things would start getting much opposite to what one expects. Both the partners would start seeing the negative aspect of the other and fail to find anything positive in their bond. This love match can be successful only if both the partners learn to accept the other the way he/she is.

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