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The union of Aries and Aquarius promises to offer compatibility. Read on to know about Aquarius-Aries love match.

Astrology: Aries and Aquarius

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Aries and Aquarius

One visualizes and the other implements – Aquarius and Aries make a perfect match of creativity and action both tied together. They understand each others idealistic views and are enthusiastic about life. Excitement and new experience are the most necessary elements of the lives of both Aries and Aquarius. The wilder and stranger the expedition the better it is as they both love thrills and showing off. The duo has a progressive and dynamic approach towards solving the problem.
Individuality and freedom is sacred for both the partners and they enjoy giving each other the independence and liberty. The words ‘boring’ and ‘monotonous’ do not have any meaning in the lives of either of the partners as they are outgoing and, energetic and vivacious. Insecurity can creep into the minds of an Aries which can be sorted out efficiently by tact and skill of the Aquarius. Since an Aquarius is more independent than the Aries, he can also make the Ram feel neglected.
Aries Man & Aquarius Woman
The union of an Aries male and an Aquarius female is a compatible one. The woman plays an important role in the relationship maintaining it all throughout. Aquarius female would play the manager in the relationship taking in all his anger and his violent reaction without even once making a hitch about it. She would make him see the other side of the same coin but in a softer way. On the other hand, he would infuse passion and compassion in the relationship. While her independence will impress his free mind, his aggression would interest her.
Aries Woman & Aquarius Man
Though it may take some time, but the result would be more fruitful than expected. Aries woman and Aquarius man make excellent couple. Once the Aquarius male knows that her anger is a few seconds of rage and that he should not feel bad about it, the couple can head for a beautiful life for future. There is no craving for authority in either if them, and they would love each other’s natures and views. While she loves his outgoing nature and love for adventure, he is head over heels with her aptitude and zeal in life. A perfect pair if both realizes each other’s traits.

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