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The love match of Aries and Cancer is that of fire and water. Read on to know about the compatibility of the two zodiac signs.

Astrology: Aries and Cancer

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Aries and Cancer

Union of Aries and cancer is just like combining fire and water. Both are completely opposites of each other and would face difficulty right from day one. While the Ram is the fast and furious types, the Crab is slow and sensitive. The impetuous nature of an Arian individual would be very difficult to handle for the Cancerian’s insecure nature. There would be almost negligible communication between the two and no instance would prove that they can match the other’s mindset.
There might be initial fascination between the two of you but things would soon turn out to contrary. Adjustment is the key word for the relationship. They are poles apart when it comes to emotionality. While the cancer is sentimental and emotional, the Aries on the other hand, is overactive and extremely outgoing. His harsh words can easily affect the sentiments of the Crab. They need to understand each other’s personality and change themselves to get along.
Aries Man & Cancer Woman
Cancer woman is too feminine to match with the rough and the impetuous Aries man. Cancer female is very emotional and sentimental, while the Aries male is the complete opposite. A free spirit, Aries will soon feel imprisoned and confined when around Cancer female because she is too sweet for him and the extra doses of love and care might be met irrationally. He might break her soft, vulnerable heart with some unkind and callous words. If he can provide the emotional support she is looking for and she would give him his freedom and individuality, the match would work.
Aries Woman & Cancer Man
While the female is more of a explorer, the male loves to sit back and relax. Though initially they are drawn to each other because of their personality, life gets a bit difficult with time. A free spirit by nature she would be feel trapped due to his possessive and restrained nature. Mood swings are common for a Cancerian which would be very difficult to understand by the Ram. One of the two would have to sacrifice to make the relationship work well.

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