Cancer and Cancer

Two Cancerians, when together in a love match, can promise either great or no compatibility. They might exude a great chemistry or have nothing at all. Cancerians are noted as emotional beings and hence, feelings and emotions will run high in this relationship. Since both of them are compassionate and sympathetic, they will make efforts to help each other come out of problems. Similar attitudes and similar temperaments work in favor of the partners as they understand the needs and values of the other.
The similar temperaments of two Cancer individuals can also act otherwise for the duo. They are prone to mood swings and if both of them happen have a dull mood at the same time, there would be no one to cheer up the atmosphere. Either of them will take to the initiative to break the monotony and create liveliness and excitement all around. Since both of them are emotional, the situations demanding practical outlook will take a backseat. Another thing which will create problems is their need for reassurance, which both crave for, but none gets from the other.    
The outcome of the bond between two Cancerians would be solely dependant on the way both the partners deal with each other. It can either be an absolute bliss for the couple or a complete disaster. The main problem with this relationship is that both have similar positive and negative traits, which make it a little difficult to cope up. Though they will be very warm with each other, too much of expectations will ruin their relationship. They will have to learn how to take care of each other. Being practical, at least at times, is another thing that they will have to discover.