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A Gemini and a Cancer make up a love match of opposites. Read on to know more on Cancer-Gemini relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Gemini and Cancer

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Gemini and Cancer

The coming together of a Gemini and a Cancerian is nothing more than a match of complete opposites. The individuals are marked by contrasting qualities and differ a lot from one another. Whilst a Gemini thinks rationally every time, the Crab is an emotional being. The sentiments and emotions of the latter do not match with the logics of the former. Another aspect that greatly differs between the two is the Gemini’s craving for changes and variety. This is sure to make the Cancer feel insecure and anxious.
The love for adventure and exploration that a Gemini has is likely to make the homely Crab feel neglected. While the former rely more on their words, the Cancerian is the one who believes in action. The one and only thing which works in favor of the couple is that while the Cancer provides the much needed stability to the Gemini, the latter provides the humor and wit that is needed to keep the relationship lively. Apart from this, everything acts against this love match.
Gemini Man & Cancer Woman
There is instant attraction between a Gemini man and a Cancer woman, but things take a standstill after this. There would be nothing much to transform the appeal into a long-lasting relationship. The male is too enthusiastic and energetic for the sensitive female. He loves to move out and explore the world, which steeply contrasts her desires to stay at home. His rationality also has no place for her over-flowing emotional and sensitive nature, while his flirtatious nature gives way to her jealousy. To ensure compatibility in this relationship, a lot of adjustment and commitment will be required.
Gemini Woman & Cancer Man
Initially, things would go fine for the two, but the happiness would not last. Though she would like her passionate and considerate nature, it would, after some time, look more of a confinement to her. Whilst the Cancer male looks for commitment and stability in the relationship, the Gemini female would demand freedom and independence. She also has a flirtatious nature and needs change every now and then, contrasting with his rigidity. The crab always craves for love and attention, the more, the better. However, she will be too busy to fulfill this particular need. The relationship can only work if both of them are willing to make lots of adjustment.

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