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The relationship of a Cancer and a Virgo would be a fruitful one. Know more about the compatibility in this love match.

Astrology: Cancer and Virgo

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Cancer and Virgo

The love match between a Cancer and a Virgo may not be instantaneous, but can gradually develop into a deep bond. Both the partners are sincere and devoted to one another and share a strong sense of purpose. Material comforts allure the Cancerian as well as the Virgin, but both would admire if it comes as a result of their hard work. There are some differences in their personality traits and if either of them does not work towards lessening the gap, the relationship might fall on the rocks. They will have to learn to capitalize on their strengths.
While a Cancerian is sensitive and emotional, the Virgo is very practical and can be seen thinking all the time, rationalizing everything to excess. The over-criticizing nature of the latter can also add to the rift between the two. The Virgin needs to understand that a Cancer is sensitive and can get hurt by ridicule. On the positive, the inexpressiveness of Virgo can be sorted out by the Cancerian. But first, the Crab will have to understand that it is not easy for a Virgo to display his love and care and it does not mean that he is not in love. The problems in the relationship are trivial and will be mended with time.
Cancer Man & Virgo Woman
The bond between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman would be a romantic one. Lots of love and care will form the foundation of this relationship. Initially, the compatibility would not be evident but as time passes, they will form a strong union. A Cancerian male would effectively bring out the feelings of love and care which are deep hidden in a Virgo female. He would give her utmost protection and security. On grounds of sincerity, loyalty and devotion, they would be no issues among them, as both have these qualities embedded within them.
Cancer Woman & Virgo Man
The coming together of a Cancer woman and a Virgo man can result into an ever-lasting relationship. Neither of the two would have much to complain about each other and the companionship would provide either of them the security he/she desires. Sincerity, loyalty and dependability would be high. In the romance department, things would be very smooth and lovey-dovey. Expression of love and affection would come with time. They would give a patient ear to each other’s thoughts and views and would not impose anything until both believe in it.

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