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A Cancer and Aquarius will have a very difficult match. Read on to know about Aquarius-Cancer relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Cancer and Aquarius

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Cancer and Aquarius

Different temperaments and dissimilar traits mark the coming together of the Crab and the Water Bearer. They are emotionally as well as psychologically dissimilar, which makes things all the more difficult for the two to cope up with. While the Crab is a homely being and has a deep sense of attachment for his family, the Aquarian is hardly close to anyone. He is someone who makes friends at every step of his life, but does not let anyone come close to him. His relationships are at a superficial level and he fails to form a deep bond with anyone. This will create major compatibility problems between the duo.
The main reason for the shallowness in an Aquarian's relationship is his love for freedom and independence, which sharply conflicts with the intimacy demanded by a Cancerian. The two of them are so apart that only if they make a resolve to learn from the positive qualities of each other, can they hope to make things work. The need of security which is so vital for the Crab will hardly be fulfilled in a relationship with the Water Bearer. One thing that both, the Cancer and the Aquarius individual, need to be clear about is that they are completely different from each. They will have to adjust a lot to make this love match work.
Cancer Man & Aquarius Woman
This is a match of opposites, where one partner is completely in contrast to the other. Both demand different things from life and can rarely come to the same conclusion. In this bond, the Aquarius woman keeps things at superficial level and does not let the Cancerian man have a deep relationship with her. The Crab demands too much of emotional support and always wants to be loved and cared for, which is too much for the Water Bearer to provide. She, in turn, feels that she has given all she could and he makes no effort. For the Aquarius female, emotions are not a priority; instead she loves to dwell on intellectual talks. To sustain the bond, lots of efforts, compromise and adjustment would be necessary.
Cancer Woman & Aquarius Man
This relationship will lead to nowhere as there is no chemistry between a Cancer woman and an Aquarius male. Her constant craving for love, affection and security will be too much for him to bear. His freedom and independence would create a feeling of insecurity in her mind and she would also take it as a detachment from his side. It is a clash of heart and mind - where the Cancerian woman thinks emotionally and the Aquarius man intellectually. The sociable nature of Aquarius male will also infuse insecurity problems in her, which would be too hard to mend. Unless both the individuals are ready for compromise and adjustment, the venture into this unison is surely risky.

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