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Cancer-Libra love match does not have much chances of being a success. Learn more about Libra-Cancer relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Cancer and Libra

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Cancer and Libra

A Cancerian and a Libran would not make the best of the pair. The former will be too moody for the latter to handle. The Libran, on the other hand, will be too detached for the Crab’s emotional security. They have different temperaments and attitudes towards life, resulting in a question mark as far as their compatibility is concerned. While a Libran loves to socialize and party his way throughout the night, the Cancerian will prefer to stay at home. The free spirit of the former will also be in complete contrast of the possessiveness of the latter.
Another point of difference between the two will be in relation to money. While a Libran loves to spend and is extravagant by nature, a Cancerian is just the opposite. He would try to save every penny he has. The Libran prefers to be around people who give positive vibes and would get irritated by the Crab's constant mood swings. However, there are a few similarities between the two that, if worked upon, might curb the dissimilarities. Both want a peaceful life and prefer to stay away from any kind of conflict and argument. They are also very affectionate and kind towards their partner’s feelings. Apart from this, there is hardly anything common between the two.
Cancer Man & Libra Woman
At the start of this relationship, things would be very pleasant. However, with time, the dissimilarities would start creating a rift that would not be easy to mend. Almost on every parameter of life, he will differ from her. This can be well judged with the example that while she loves to spend, all he thinks of is saving. While she is very expressive, he will not be able to display his emotions and feelings very easily. The Crab is also the more practical and realistic of the two. Constant communication is the only way things can be sorted out between the two.
Cancer Woman & Libra Man
A Cancer woman and a Libra man have completely opposing characteristics. Nothing matches between the two, be it physical, emotional or psychological level. While he wants intellectual stability, she craves for emotional constancy. This does not mean that the Libra male is devoid of romance and love. But, his need for intellectual stimulation is greater. If the Cancer female makes an effort to instigate his romantic capabilities, things can definitely turn out to be wonderful. This love match demands lots of efforts and adjustments, on both sides, to be successful.

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