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The coming together of two Librans in a love match can result in bliss, but only with a little care. Explore the relationship compatibility of the two.

Astrology: Libra: Libra and Libra

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Libra and Libra

Who can understand the Libran better than a fellow Libran? The pairing of two Librans can either lead to a harmonious relationship or can turn into a total disaster. Both of them share the same positive and negative traits, which is the reason for the contrasting feelings of ‘bliss’ and ‘annoyance’ between the couple. Diplomacy, kindness and respect rule the relationship of two Librans. They understand each other very well and this makes life easier for both. They also have amazing commitment towards each other.
Librans love the feeling of high and ecstasy that come when they are in love. They can be one of the most romantic couples, spending quality time with each other, doing things which take their compatibility to the highest levels possible. Since they share mutual interests, they would spend a great time together, appreciating art, films and cultural activities. Once they (male or female) decide on something, Librans would do anything to achieve it. They will happy indulging in all kinds of discussions with each other, be it psychological, intellectual or frivolous.
Librans are also lazy by nature this can create some problems for this love match. Both need to come out of their lethargic attitude and cater to the needs of the other as well as themself. It is also noted that Librans easily get bored of each other after a point of time. This is one aspect that they would have to take care of. Librans tend to avoid conflicts or clashes, by moving away from the situation or taking no stand at all. This diplomacy of might also create problems. Then, there is the typical slowness in decision making. Still, if they take little care, two Librans can make one of the best paired couples.

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