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The compatibility between a Virgo and a Libra can go either ways. Check out more on the love match and relationship of the two.

Astrology: Virgo and Libra

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Virgo and Libra

The love match between a Virgo and a Libra will have shades of grey. It will neither be entirely compatible, nor be even totally mismatched. Things can go well between the duo, but only if they work towards it. There is a difference in the attitude and nature of the partners, who can rub each other at wrong end. Both can be categorized as fussy, who look for perfection in whatever they do. At emotional level, the duo may face a clash. However, since there is an ardent need in a Libran to balance everything around him, he would overcome the criticizing nature of the Virgo.
The major disparity between the partners is that while the Libra thinks and acts from the heart, the Virgin does it from their head. The former is far too expressive for the practical and realistic Virgo, who might not be able to take his lovey-dovey nature. The uncertainty and irresolution of the Libran is sure to irritate the Virgo. On the other hand, the conventional and the prejudiced attitude of the Virgo would do the same to the former. However, with efforts to ignore each other’s negativity and concentrate on the positive traits, a good compatibility is likely on the cards for this couple.
Virgo Man & Libra Woman
A Virgo man and a Libran woman are complete opposites when it comes to their cognitive skills. While he thinks rationally - from the head, she thinks emotionally - from the heart. This difference results in compatibility problems between the two. His practical, unemotional and reserved nature is sure to be problematic for her emotional and caring nature. His nose for perfection is also a matter of concern for this match. Still, even after so many tiffs, the relationship can work well with some conscious efforts.
Virgo Woman & Libra Man

The compatibility between a Virgo woman and a Libran man might get rough ends right from the start. The big difference between them is their outlook in life –she is the practical sorts and looks at things rationally. She is also very particular about perfection and love to criticize. On the other hand, a Libran man is the emotional sorts, who take each issue to his heart. He is also indecisive and irresolute, which makes things worse for the couple. The only way things can turn out pleasant is when they ignore each other’s negative aspect.

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