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The love match between a Gemini and Virgo will have loads of compatibility. Check out more on Virgo-Gemini relationship.

Astrology: Gemini and Virgo

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Gemini and Virgo

The coming together of a Gemini and Virgo usually results in a compatible relationship. Since both of them are unemotional beings, they will enjoy a great time in each other’s company. They follow a practical approach towards social, mental and business matters, and believe in realism. A Virgin and a Gemini would have a great time together and involve themselves in intelligent and meaningful conversations. On the negative side also, they have similar traits - both are inexpressive and have difficulty letting their feelings known. So, at least one of them will have to make conscious efforts to being some emotions into the love match.
Along with similar characteristics, there are many points of difference in between the two as well. First and foremost, while the Virgo concentrates one thing at a time and is not at all a risk taker, Gemini always has 100 different ideas going inside his head and would involve himself in a lot of things, even risky ventures. The two need to adjust with each other on these aspects. While the Virgin needs give the latter the space he wants, he, in turn, needs to overlook the criticism of the former. Apart from this, both of them beautifully complement each other, bringing stability and passion in the relationship.
Gemini Man & Virgo Woman
The relationship starts and will surely result in a long lasting bond. However, there may be certain compatibility problems might crop up in the long run, due to the few contrasting qualities of the two. The flirtatious attitude of the Gemini man will not go down well with the Virgo woman. The Virgo female is liable to get very jealous and might try to curb the free spirit of Gemini male. Her constant criticism will also not well accepted by him. However, they are a compatible couple and would be there for each other always. They understand each other completely and need to make only a little effort to remain 'happily ever after'.
Gemini Woman & Virgo Man
A Gemini woman would share great compatibility with a Virgo man. They would have loads of understanding and love for each other. Both the Gemini female and the Virgo male have the same nature, to quite an extent, and hence, it would become easier for them to relate to each other. However, they have certain contrasting traits also, which need to be tackled with care. One of the most important components of this relationship is the duo's need to be honest to each other. They hold high regards for each other and should leave aside their distinct traits, to form a meaningful bond.

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