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Great compatibility ensues when a Gemini and a Leo come together in a love match. Check out more on Leo-Gemini love match.

Astrology: Gemini and Leo

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Gemini and Leo

The love match between a Gemini and a Leo individual can work wonders, only if both of them agree to give space to each other. They have many similar traits, which makes the couple a compatible one. Both of them love to have fun and are adventurous and explorative in nature. Being extremely outgoing and extrovert by nature, they find each other’s company very alluring. Another commonality between the two is their flair for intelligent conversation. Both, Gemini and Leo think rationally, rather than emotionally. So, the relationship might remain on the superficial level only.
There are certain major differences between a Gemini and a Leo, which can create trouble in their relationship. There is a dire need in a Lion to become the center of attraction, but the demanding life of the Gemini will hardly allow him to give utmost importance to former. Another point of contrast between the two is the need of Lion to be in control, which is sure to curb the free spirit of the Gemini. The couple will share good compatibility and is capable of forming a strong bond, but if they respect each other's individuality.
Gemini Man & Leo Woman
There is a great chemistry between a Gemini man and a Leo woman. They form a fun-loving couple and love to enjoy and have a great time together. Another thing which acts to the benefit of the duo is that both the male and female remain attuned to each other on mental and intellectual grounds. His explorative nature coincides with her need for adventure, making their life entertaining and amusing. The only hitch in this relationship is his flirtatious attitude and her suspicious nature. Once this is controlled, theirs would a happy and long lasting relationship.
Gemini Woman & Leo Man
There will great compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Leo man. Romance, love and passion will be the high points of this love match. Since both the individuals have a love for adventure and fun, they would get along very well with each other. Together, they would go to parties and have a blast. While the Gemini female would love his showiness, the Leo male would be allured by her generosity and humor. The couple should only adhere to one norm - they should never be on the opposite ends. Otherwise, the happy union will crumble in no time at all.

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