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Gemini & Pisces, if they agree to make efforts, can have great compatibility in their relationship. Know more about Pisces-Gemini love match.

Astrology: Gemini and Pisces

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Gemini and Pisces

The relationship between a Gemini and a Pisces individual can go either ways. Both are completely opposite to each other when it comes to their basic personality. Still, there are certain aspects that bind them together. A Piscean is primarily imaginative, dreamy and sensitive. He lives by his feelings, emotions, impressions and intuitions, whereas a Gemini is logical, factual and mentally oriented. The latter has a realistic approach towards life and rarely falls in for emotions and sensitivity. In other words, they are poles apart.
The thing that can keep them together is their patience and tolerance power. Both of them are very understanding and respect each other’s viewpoints, even when they fail to comprehend it. While the Gemini lives in the real world, the Fish is happy watching everything with rosy spectacles. The indecisiveness of the latter is also one factor that does not gel well with the spontaneous Gemini. An effort to work in unison is the only thing that can help them adapt to their partner and live happily together. Adjustment is the key to the relationship.
Gemini Man & Pisces Woman
There is a huge difference in the personality of a Gemini man and a Pisces woman. Whilst a Gemini man prefers to maintain a superficial relationship, the Fish likes to form deep emotional bonds. The Piscean female is also largely dependant on her partner for love and constant support, which the male might not be able to give always. His need for freedom and independence would not get on well with her either. Also, a Gemini always looks for change in life, which is in direct contrast to the stable nature of the Fish. The partners need to work on their opposing nature to make this love match work.
Gemini Woman & Pisces Man
Gemini woman and Pisces man are very much alike each other in almost all the aspects of their personality. Though there will be initial charm in the relationship, things would take an altogether turn in the long run. While she is very expressive about her feelings, he fails to articulate with ease. The Pisces male is also very emotional and sensitive and is sure to get hurt by the unintentional insensitivity of the Gemini. The feeling of being loved and cared for is very high in a Pisces man and hence; she will need to extend a lot of support. The relationship can only work if the couple adjusts with each other’s contrasting views.

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