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The love match between a Leo and a Pisces can work, if they understand each other. Read on to explore their relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Leo and Pisces

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Leo and Pisces

There can be great chemistry in a love match between a Leo and a Pisces. Though the two do not strike the common chords much, their distinct characteristics can result in a pair that makes up for each other's shortcomings. Both are different from each other where their personality traits are concerned. While the Lion is a frank, open and an extrovert, the Fish has deep, mysterious and elusive quality. Another point of difference, which acts to the advantage of the two, is the Lion’s craving for limelight and the Fish’s love for anonymity, one balancing the other beautifully.
The passive nature of a Piscean also benefits the relationship, as he happily lets the Leo take charge and be the boss, while he plays the second fiddle. The Lion is attracted to the sensitivity and the compassion of the Fish, who loves the strength and the power of the former. Both dwell in the feeling of love and exude perfect romanticism. However, things can also get unmanageable for the two. While the Lion is the outgoing and the sociable types, the Fish prefers the calmness of indoors. Both of them need to understand each other, in order to make things work in their favor.
Leo Man & Pisces Woman
The opposing qualities of a Leo man and a Pisces woman can surprisingly act in favor of the duo, taking their compatibility to higher levels. While she plays the second fiddle in the house, she also manages to make the Lion do what she wants. Both love to be in love and would share a strong bond. However, her shy and timid attitude can come interfere with his sociable nature. The Leo male is too bold for the Piscean female and might end up hurting her. The susceptibility of the sensitive Fish, on the other hand, is likely to irritate the Lion. If the couple makes efforts, things can gradually be turned to work in their favor. 
Leo Woman & Pisces Man
The union of a Leo woman and a Pisces man can go either ways. If both of them manage to overcome their tiffs, they are likely to have a very good love match. Both, a Leo female and a Pisces male are romantic to the core. However, their opposing characteristics can act against the relationship, creating confusion and tiffs. While she loves to interact with people and make friends, he is of the mysterious and secretive type. If both of them lend an understanding ear to each other, the duo can be a compatible one.

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