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The love match between a Virgo and a Pisces would be variable in nature. Learn more about their relationship and compatibility.

Astrology: Virgo and Pisces

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Virgo and Pisces

The zodiac match between a Virgo and a Pisces is of a variable sorts. Since both have contrasting qualities, they greatly complement each other. However, if the differences are taken too seriously, the relationship might break down even before getting started. While the Virgo thinks on practical grounds, a Piscean is very emotional. The former is a practical person, guided by reasons, analysis, facts and logic, the latter gets inspired by feelings, emotions and intuition. They can either take this as contrasting differences or complementing qualities.
A Virgo and a Piscean also differ in their approach towards life. While the former believes in living an organized and calculated life, the latter does not like to come out of the dreamy shell he has carved for himself. Even the perfection of the Virgin comes as a hindrance to the disorganized lifestyle of the Fish. Another disparity between the two is while the Fish is very expressive; the Virgo likes to keep his feelings to himself. Still, if the Piscean is able to teach the Virgin to bring out his feelings and let himself make a few faults and learn a bit of practicality from him, this love match has all the chances of being successful.
Virgo Man & Pisces Woman
The coming together of the practical and realistic Virgo man and the emotional and expressive Piscean woman would result in a ‘hit and miss’ kind of relationship. Once bonded, the Virgo male and the Pisces female both would realize that they are not ideal for each other. While she is very emotional and considerate, he can be exceedingly cold and detached. His practical and realistic rules will shatter her dreams and hurt her in the process. Things can work out only if both learn to adjust and try to complement each other, rather than contrast.
Virgo Woman & Pisces Man

The understanding between the two would be a determining factor for the compatibility of this relationship. Initially, there would great attraction between the two, as her practical ways would instantly catch his attention and his intellectual talks would interest her. However, with time, things might turn otherwise. Much would also depend on the type of Piscean the man is. If he is the dreamy sorts, the relationship would end even before you would realize that it had started off. In case the male is an opportunist, it would be a perfect match for both of them.

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