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The love match between a Taurus and a Virgo would be a perfect one. Know more about Virgo-Taurus relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Taurus and Virgo

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Taurus and Virgo

The love match between a Taurus and a Virgo will strike the chord right from the very start. Both of them are practical, cooperative, hard working and capable. Similar traits and personality characteristics form the base of this relationship. The Bull and the Virgin are prudent beings and are prefer to spend their money with caution. They are also very particular about the smallest details of life and hardly display any recklessness or inconsistency. Loyalty, dedication and devotion would rank very high for this couple.
Emotionally, the couple might face a few problems, but none too great. The possessiveness nature of the Bull might not go too well with the controlled Virgo. Nonetheless, if they sit and discuss their problems, there would hardly be an issues left resolved. The Bull and the Virgin have the same material desires and security. Neither of them is outgoing and hence, they would spend a lot of time indoors, having a great time together. The union of a Taurean and Virgo is sure to end up with great compatibility.
Taurus Man & Virgo Woman
A Taurus man and Virgo woman, in a relationship, would exhibit great chemistry and be perfect for each other. They have the same ideology towards life, the only difference being on the emotional front. While the male is too passionate and vocal about his feelings, the female has a controlled nature. The Taurus male would have to bring out the dormant fire in her and she would have to control her lashing tongue, to keep the relationship strong. The two would be greatly loyal and devoted to each other and theirs would be a perfect match, except for a few hiccups.
Taurus Woman & Virgo Man
The relationship between a Taurus woman and a Virgo man would be quite compatible. He would be in high regard for her planned and ordered nature, while she would appreciate his need for perfection. The passionate Taurean woman would ignite the much subdued passion of the Virgo man, while he would control her unnecessary extravagance. She would bring out those sides of the man which he himself was unaware of. The match would be truly blissful for both of them, as it would be full of dedication, commitment and loyalty, just as they desire.

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