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Get information on Cancer horoscope match and Cancer love compatibility with other zodiac signs

Astrology: Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer and Virgo
The relationship of a Cancer and a Virgo would be a fruitful one. Know more about the compatibility in this love match.
Cancer and Capricorn
Cancer Capricorn Compatibility - Cancer Man & Capricorn Woman, Cancer Female & Capricorn Male Love Match
Cancer and Pisces
A Cancerian and a Piscean share great emotional compatibility. Read on to explore more on Pisces-Cancer love match & relationship.
Cancer and Libra
Cancer-Libra love match does not have much chances of being a success. Learn more about Libra-Cancer relationship & compatibility.
Cancer and Scorpio
The love match between the Cancer and the Scorpio is just perfect. Read on to know the relationship compatibility of the ideal couple.
Cancer and Leo
The love match of a Leo and a Cancer would have positive results. Read on to know about Cancer-Leo relationship & compatibility.
Cancer and Sagittarius
A Cancer-Sagittarius love match has very less chances of compatibility. Read on to know more about Sagittarius-Cancer relationship.
Cancer and Cancer
The compatibility of two Cancerians would depend on the kind of effort they put in the relationship. Explore the Cancer-Cancer love match.
Cancer and Aquarius
A Cancer and Aquarius will have a very difficult match. Read on to know about Aquarius-Cancer relationship & compatibility.
Gemini and Cancer
A Gemini and a Cancer make up a love match of opposites. Read on to know more on Cancer-Gemini relationship & compatibility.
Taurus and Cancer
The love match of Taurus and Cancer would be extremely compatible. Also know about Cancer and Taurus male-female relationship.
Aries and Cancer
The love match of Aries and Cancer is that of fire and water. Read on to know about the compatibility of the two zodiac signs.