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The compatibility level of a Leo-Virgo relationship will be moderate. Read on to explore more on Virgo-Leo love match.

Astrology: Leo and Virgo

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Leo and Virgo

A match of two opposites is what the coming together of a Leo and Virgo can be described as. The Lion is extremely gregarious, extrovert, dominant and charismatic, is in sharp contrast to the withdrawn, humble, shy and modest Virgo. Initially, there may be nothing significant between the two. However, with time, something would click between the two and a relationship will evolve. While the gregarious and socializing nature of a Leo is extremely alien to the meek Virgin, their need for perfection will match each others.
The differences between the two, if not handle in time, will create rifts in the relationship. The over-criticizing nature of the Virgo may not be taken by the sensitive Lion very well. On the other hand, the latter's outgoing and sociable nature will be a matter of concern in this love match. His taken for granted attitude will also not welcomed by the passive Virgo. There needs to be a deep sense of understanding between the two. They will have to work a lot if they want the relationship to work well.
Leo Man & Virgo Woman
The union of a Leo man and a Virgo woman can result in a successful relationship. While he takes the lead, she will be happy being at home. Her need for perfection will be reflected in her house, where she keeps everything spic and span, just as her desires. If, after so much of efforts, he gets too occupied to complement her, problems are bound to crop up. Even the dominating nature of Leo male will not go down well with the Virgo female. This will lead to in rifts in the relationship. While she will be too criticizing for the sensitive Lion, he will bear her down with his nature. Lots and lots of understanding is required to make things work.
Leo Woman & Virgo Man
The coming together of a Leo woman and a Virgo has low possibility of leading to a relationship with a good compatibility. This is because of their opposing qualities. The Leo woman loves to dominate and this trait would not be readily accepted by the Virgo man. His inability to express his feelings and emotions can make her feel unloved, especially she overtly expressive. Another thing which comes as a barrier between the Leo female and the Virgo male is her outgoing nature and love for adventure, which is contrary to his stay-at-home attitude. Both need to work hard to maintain the initial infatuation for the rest of their lives.

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