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Aries and Leo make a perfect love match you can wish for. Check out to know the compatibility between male and female of the two zodiac signs.

Astrology: Aries and Leo

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Aries and Leo

The union of Aries and Leo is a match of two people of same caliber and same characteristic. Both of you are always on a go and are craving for fun, excitement, love and fun. Vibrancy is prevalent mutually in Ram and Lion. Leo is generous and good hearted, while Aries is open to life – a combination sure to make wonders with a little bit of work and compromise. Ego runs high in the minds of Aries and Leo, just as their craving for being the center of attraction.
Aries and Leo are characterized with an outgoing, extrovert, warm and vibrant personality. While the Leo is creative, Aries is energetic and enthusiastic which makes the combination all the more lovely and exciting. Arian individuals are least concerned about anything; Leo’s on the other hand, are very particular about their public image. They need to share their power and allow the other partner to have his say. There is no stopping extravagant nature of the couple as both are spendthrift and love luxury of life.
Aries Man & Leo Woman
A perfect bliss, the chemistry of an Aries man and a Leo woman would reach great heights in their relationship. They have the finest love match as they would gel perfectly with each other. Some common characteristic of the Aries male and the Leo female lead them to have a happy life. They both enjoy limelight and do not have any problem sharing it with each other. Drama, excitement, fun and love keep both the partners alive.
Aries Woman & Leo Man
Aries woman love to discover new places and new things, which perfectly coincides with the nature of a Leo man. Apart from being outgoing and extrovert, Leo male has the ability to make the Aries female sweep off her feet. While she loves the romantic and generous nature of Leo man, he loves her sense of adventure and intelligent mind. They would make an excellent pair and would be one of the most successful of the pairing of Aries individual.

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