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Want to know whether there will be love in an Aries-Aries relationship or not? Explore the compatibility between two Aries.

Astrology: Aries: Aries and Aries

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Aries and Aries

The union of two Aries in the love front is like a house on fire. Although they are attuned to each others needs, a lot of friction also takes place. Each of the partners understands the other completely as they are so much alike. However, if they both eye the position of a boss, all you can expect is disputes and tensions. Boredom word does not have any place in the dictionary of the couple as both of them are very active. The unison is a match of two equally passionate beings who would absolutely understand each other’s need for excitement. 
The coming together of two Aries calls for an exploration of new avenues. Extreme sports or some other intense activity are great turn-on for the couple. Aries is very open with his feelings and totally straightforward, so the couple will not have to suffer from deceit or hypocrisy. However, since they have huge egos, each time they have a tiff, it would be more of an ego war than a trivial fight. They must learn to work together. Since both the partners want things to go as they have planned it, they must consciously work to be unselfish.
Aries would be at the wrong end of each other, every time they have discussion or a judgment. In such a situation, temper outbursts are a common sight for such couples. The most positive thing about their relationship is their mutual energy and the ability to patch up after disagreements, which makes them a passionate and compatible couple. Two Rams would require lot of control, if they don’t want the fireworks to be a usual affair. If both the partners can control their need to rule each other, their union will be a successful one.

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