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The initial compatibility between a Leo and a Scorpio will need efforts to be maintained. Learn about Scorpio-Leo love match & relationship.

Astrology: Leo and Scorpio

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Leo and Scorpio

There might be initial infatuation between a Leo and a Scorpio, but things can alter drastically, if balance is not maintained. Both the partners would be attracted to each other because of the strong will and the determination that they share. However, things can start deteriorating as time lapses. They would fail to see each other’s viewpoint and think that what they have designed or done is perfect. Emotionally, the pair is awesome, as both are love struck and believe in everlasting romance.
If the goals of the two coincide with each other, there is no stopping this couple, which would achieve the heights of success. However, if they are at opposite ends, things can be really bad. Jealousy has a prominent place in life of the couple as both Leo and Scorpio are highly possessive about their partner. The Leos constant need for admiration and the Scorpio’s inability to flatter is likely to rub both the partners at wrong ends. One of the duo will also have to learn to control the trait of dominance. This pairing requires a little power-sharing and they are on the road to success. 
Leo Man & Scorpio Woman
The love match between a Leo man and a Scorpio woman would be short lived. Even though both head for the same destination, the roads will be different. The Leo male is gregarious and for him, romance is in sync with adventure and thrill. This sharply conflicts with the intense emotions that Scorpio female relates love with. Arguments and conflicts are likely to be present often in the match, but things can be sorted out if each of them tries to understand the basic nature and the characteristics of the other. 
Leo Woman & Scorpio Man
Tiffs and conflicts are a part of this relationship and cannot be overlooked easily. The combination will only work if both of them learn to let the other have his/her say. The trait of dominating people is profoundly found in both of them, which turns their relationship into a dicey affair. While the Scorpio man is too intense for a Leo woman, she, in turn, is too expressive for him. The Leo female would also constantly display some irritable reactions, which can make things more difficult between the two. The short temper of the Scorpio male is also likely to worsen the situation and make compatibility all the more difficult.

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