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The love match of a Gemini and a Scorpio brings across complete different individuals. Explore Scorpio-Gemini relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Gemini and Scorpio

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Gemini and Scorpio

A match of complete opposites, Scorpio-Gemini relationship brings together two different sides of the same coin. Both of them have contrasting qualities and they repel as well as get attracted to each other. The biggest drawback in the relationship is that while the Scorpio is extremely emotional and is always concerned with forming a deep bond, the Gemini is a superficial person and rarely concentrates on the deeper aspect of things. The latter's casual approach towards life will also not be taken well by the Scorpio, who prefers to takes everything in a mature and responsible manner.
Another point of disparity between the two is the flirtatious attitude of the Gemini, which is likely to make the Scorpio go green with envy. The possessiveness of the latter would also not be welcomed by the former and would make him feel imprisoned and caged. The factor of stability ads to the clash, as Gemini is utmost inconsistent and Scorpio is fiercely stable. However, if both learn to cope with each other’s contrasting qualities and try to accept their partner the way he/she is, they can hope for a happy life. Whether they will ever do it or not is another matter altogether!
Gemini Man & Scorpio Woman
The initial attraction between a Gemini man and Scorpio woman would not give way to long term relationship. The affair will remain just that and has almost negligible chances of becoming anything serious. There are more dissimilarities than similarities between the two. While the Gemini male is fiercely free and would want independence, the Scorpio female will want security and commitment. She is also too possessive and jealous to take his flirtatious nature easily. While her passion and his intelligence would click at some level and initial chemistry would be formed, there would be nothing beyond that.  
Gemini Woman & Scorpio Man
The compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Scorpio man will be almost non-existent. They have nothing in common to complement each other. They are so much opposite each other that the hope of this love match attaining stability seems like wishful thinking. Whilst she is fickle, flighty, superficial, lighthearted and changeable, he is sensual, passionate, demanding, jealous and inflexible.  The Scorpio male is also extremely possessive and jealous and would not take her flirtatious attitude with glee. A match not at all made in heaven!! Long term relationship is not on the cards for this particular duo.

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