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Intense one moment and cold the other, the relationship of two Scorpios would be a roller coaster ride. Explore their love match & compatibility.

Astrology: Scorpio: Scorpio and Scorpio

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Scorpio and Scorpio

Who would understand the extremes of passion of a Scorpio better than a fellow Scorpio? The pairing of two Scorpios can will result in a relationship that would be cold one moment and intensely passionate the other. The partners are too much alike, with similar positive and negative traits. While this is good for their love match, it may cause complexity also, especially when they have an argument and neither is ready to accept his mistake. The first thing that you would notice about the partners is romance. Once committed to the relationship, they would do anything and everything to make it work.
The negative aspect of this relationship will be the extreme possessiveness and jealousy in a Scorpio. They would have to learn to give each other breathing space, once in a while. Stubbornness is also one of aspects of the relationship that would prove to be an obstacle as far as compatibility is concerned. It may be quite difficult to persuade a fellow Scorpio, especially after he/she has made up his/her mind. At this moment, either of the two would have to bend, so as to avoid any violent outbursts. A Scorpio never does anything in moderation - he loves passionately and hates ferociously. So, you can be sure this love match will either be very strong or not exist at all.
After turbulent fights, the comeback of the Scorpio duo would be as passionate as their first meet. Strong feelings, emotions and desires would take over the twosome. Scorpios are goal-oriented and their shared powers will make them an unparallel and indomitable couple. Nothing works out when the two (male or female) restrain themselves. They would have to let go of themselves. Two Scorpios would be extremely loyal towards each other and would adore each other, defend each other and fight for each other. There might be a few tiffs every now and then, but these can be overcome by little effort and willingness. The intensity of emotions will be the focal point of this relationship.

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