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The love match of a Libra and a Scorpio will be an enthralling experience for both. Learn more about their relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Libra and Scorpio

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Libra and Scorpio

When one feels tired and wearied out, the other gives brings in energy and the oomph factor in life. The match of a Libran and a Scorpion will be a very balanced one, though some care is required. They complement each other beautifully and fill in when the other person feels low. While Scorpio is a passionate lover, with intense emotions and intimacy, Libra is the aloof types, maintaining distance in any kind of relationship. They will need to balance out, where the former will have to learn to give space to his partner and the latter would have to discover the joy of expressing his emotions and feelings.
While Libras are known to balance things and move ahead, Scorpios are extremists to the core. However, both of them would make up for each other's shortcomings. When the Scorpio goes fanatic with his idea, the Libran will make him see the gravity of the situation and balance his thoughts and ideas. The former will need to get rid of the robes of jealousy and possessiveness, while the Libran will have to show more responsive. Together, they would accomplish a lot and achieve great success, as both are winners and do not give up until they have realized their dreams.
Libra Man & Scorpio Woman
The union of a Libran man and a Scorpio woman can be a harmonious one, but only with a lot of efforts from both sides. There is a lot of difference in their basic personality, which can make the relationship between a Libra male and a Scorpio female a bit difficult to handle. While the Libran man likes to be detached and distant, a Scorpio woman is passionate and intense. There would also be no room for her possessiveness and jealousy in his life. However, if they are ready to make little adjustments, the compatibility in this love match will be quite high. 
Libra Woman & Scorpio Man
There is initial attraction between a Libran woman and a Scorpio man, but things can get weary with time. His passion and intimacy can be too much for her free spirit to handle. For the Scorpio male, her mild flirtation with acquaintances can be quite disturbing and he would also come between her independence and freedom. However, since both of them have something that the other can learn from, the relationship can turn out to be a mutual learning experience. The duo would have great time discussing intellectual things and hold great affinity for each other.

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