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The love match of a Scorpio & an Aquarius would be like trying to join two ends of the same pole. Explore the relationship compatibility of the duo.

Astrology: Scorpio and Aquarius

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Scorpio and Aquarius

A Scorpio and an Aquarius so not make a perfect match. Each of the partners has a different outlook towards life and has varying viewpoints, which makes this pairing all the more difficult. While the Water Bearer is a free bird and loves to roam about freely, without any boundations, Scorpio is extremely possessive. The latter is an introvert and overly concerned about his loved ones. This is sure to make the Aquarius feel confined and caged in his presence.
Though the commonality between the two is very less, one thing that they share is their strong will. If both get their eyes fixed on the same goal, it would be surely achieved. Other than that, almost everything is contrasting. While the Scorpio is inquisitive and loves to get into the details, an Aquarian prefers to be on the surface level. The former is extremely emotional and possessive, which is hard for an Aquarian to take in. However, if an Aquarian mellows down and gives the kind of attention Scorpio wants, the love match could well work. 
Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman
The start of a relationship between aScorpio man and an Aquarius woman may be a good one, but sustaining the compatibility will be a tough task. The match between a Scorpio male and an Aquarius female will be quite a dicey affair - good one moment and bad the other. The problem in the relationship is the difference in the basic personality of the partners. They have conflicting traits - while the male is extremely possessive about his woman and expects too much of love and devotion from her, she is a free bird and will see his protectiveness as domination. This relationship would be tough for both the partners to deal with.
Scorpio Woman & Aquarius Man
The coming together of a Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man is like the combination of two different personalities. There is a complete contradiction in their characteristics, which goes against the relationship and creates friction between the two. While the male is an open-minded person and a free soul, the female wants intimacy and closeness, both the terms being alien for the former. His bold remarks will contrast with her need for safety and security, making things worse for both of them. The duo needs to work a lot to make the relationship click.

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