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The love match of an Aquarius & a Piscean can result in a dicey situation. Read on to know the relationship compatibility of the couple.

Astrology: Aquarius and Pisces

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Aquarius and Pisces

The combination of an Aquarius and a Piscean can be very tricky and might have varied results - either a very harmonious relationship or a very discordant one. Talking about the former type, compassion and creation run high between the couple. They are idealists when alone as well as when they unite as a couple. Aquarians and Pisceans make excellent friends and lovers. While the former is driven by thought, the latter draws his inspiration from feelings. In such a case, the pair will work very well together.
Talking about the second scenario, Pisceans and Aquarians can have zero compatibility also. The emotional Fish is likely to end up hurt and confused by the practicality of the Water Bearer. The Aquarius is far too cool and detached to fulfill any emotional demands of a Piscean. The latter sympathizes with the problems of others, but the former goes to the extent of empathizing with everyone he meets. When the relationship is good, it can work wonders for both of them, but if it turns sour, the situations will be abysmal.
Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman
In this love match, one thinks and the other feels! He might be too cold to fulfill her emotional and sensual needs. In the beginning, things would be very pleasant between the two, but, with time, varied interest may play foul for the pair. The Water Bearer is analytical and logical - he does not empathize with others. Outgoing and independent, he would love to move out and explore new things, while she would prefer the quite insides of her house. However, for a Pisces female, the Aquarius male will be an asset, making her come out of her shell.
Aquarius Woman & Pisces Man
This love match can be a tough one to maintain and may turn out to be a disaster even earlier than anticipated. While for an Aquarius woman, adventure and exploration of new places defines fun, a Piscean man is fonder of serene places, where he can enjoy quietness and tranquility with his partner. Aquarians are known as superficial beings and do not get into the insides of matters, which is typically seen in Pisceans. The male would want the love bond to be extremely close and intimate, threatening her freedom. This match is troublesome for both - she would not be able to have her freedom and he won't have the warmth he needs.

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