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The compatibility of a relationship between two Aquarians would be great. Read on to know about the love match between Aquarius individuals.

Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius and Aquarius

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Aquarius and Aquarius

Sanguinity and optimism is something that is shared by an Aquarius duo. Aquarians are known to be friendly, outgoing and sociable by nature. When in a relationship with a fellow Aquarian, they are sure to ignite some jealousy in their friends circle, as they get along very well with each other. Aquarians love to have adventure, fun and excitement and when paired with someone of similar tastes, the thrill is sure to reach newer heights. Practical, realistic and logical in their approach, they find it difficult to be emotional.
Aquarians are identified as superficial beings, who rarely get into the deeper aspects of things. They are frivolous and face a great difficulty in expressing their own feelings or detecting their partner's. The relationship between two Aquarians would always be a friendly one and would never be very warm or passionate. The traits of jealousy and possessiveness will not be seen when two Aquarians form a love match. The Water Bearers are also identified as unpredictable beings and this might cause problems in the relationship.
With similar traits, the compatibility between the two (male or female) can be great, as they understand each other completely. Respect and admiration are the positive qualities when we talk about two Aquarians. Both of them are very creative and this quality doubles when they enter into a relationship with each other. They would be great visionaries and bring new ideas to the world. They can be highly productive if they agree on similar grounds. However, if things do not work out in the same manner, situations can be dreadful, as both are very stubborn also. 

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