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Sensitivity and emotions run high in a Pisces-Pisces love match. Read on to know about their relationship compatibility.

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Pisces and Pisces

In the relationship between two Pisces, sensitivity, intuition, emotions, feelings and dreams take the front seat, while rationalism and logics are left far behind. The love match of two Pisceans can be successful, as both of them know the emotional needs of the other very well and can communicate at deeper emotional and spiritual levels. Emotionally, they would be very content with the bond. The love for beauty and peace is supreme and for both the Fish, their match would be the most magnificent thing in the world.
The greatest necessity of the Fish is the need for support. Pisceans need someone to take care of them when they are down and weary. In this relationship, though the partners would have a lot of things in common, something very essential would be missing i.e. realism. Both of them would be too busy in their rosy world to accept the realities of their life. A Piscean easily blames himself for all the wrong that has happened in his life and therefore, a lot of negativity would flow into the bond. Both of them are emotional and over sensitive, which can create a lot of tribulations for a long term relationship.
Love and romance is supreme for Pisceans. They (both male and female) are generous, patient and peace-loving and would work towards harmony in life. Pisceans have a taste for the finer things in life and would share a great sense of ethics and values. They would live life with a philosophical outlook, rarely coming to terms with the rational or the logical aspects. Since both the partners are very emotional, the feelings get reciprocated and make life wonderful for both of them. Each partner showers the other with affection and receives the same in return.

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