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The love match of two Geminis has equal chances of success and failure. Learn more about the relationship compatibility of a Gemini male-female.

Astrology: Gemini: Gemini and Gemini

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Gemini and Gemini

Highly energetic and vivacious, life for a Gemini couple can never have shades of blue. Their relationship will always be a very lively one, as both of them are full of excitement and love change. Rarely does a Gemini stick to a particular thing for a long time, which makes the duo all the more electrifying. They share great intellectual compatibility and can easily engage themselves in conversations that last hours. Humorous and witty, two Geminis form adventurous couple that loves to explore new things and places.
The mantra of Gemini - ‘variety is the spice of life’ can at times lead them to trouble. Since they rarely stick to a particular thing for a long time, being stable with one another lifelong is something that will need to be worked upon. The yearning for change can drift both of them at different directions. Another thing that acts against the compatibility of the duo is that both think from their mind, rather than from heart. Whilst this is beneficial in general, too much rationality can spoil the magic of love. The flirtatious attitude of Geminis is also sure to raise the jealousy meter for both of them, but neither of them will be ready to give it up. 

The relationship between two Geminis would be at the superficial level only. They would share a great chemistry as far as their love for adventure is concerned, but when it comes to emotional bondage, there will be none. Passion and emotions take a back seat in this particular bondage. There should be adjustment from both sides if this relationship has to work. Another aspect that both should concentrate on is their desire to change. They need to bring in stability in themselves as well as each other to make their love match ever-lasting. 

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