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The love match of a Leo and a Cancer would have positive results. Read on to know about Cancer-Leo relationship & compatibility.

Astrology: Cancer and Leo

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Cancer and Leo

The contrasting qualities of a Leo and a Cancer individual would work much in favor of the duo's relationship, rather than against it. In this bond, the Lion will act as a leader, while the Crab will be happy being the follower. As a matter of fact, a Cancerian least wants to be in the commanding position and will be happy playing the role of an obedient follower. Both the partners are very susceptible to getting hurt and cannot take in much criticism. The need for reassurance is also mutually demanded by the duo. One of them will have to care of this.
The contrasting qualities of the Lion and the Crab also act in favor of the twosome. While the former loves to love and pamper his partner, the latter will always be happy to be at the receiving end. The relationship has all the chances of being blissful for both of them and they would genuinely enjoy each other’s company. However, the nagging of the shy and sensitive Crab, if constant, can become an irritation for the Lion. Since both Signs are so strong-minded, they would have to strive conscientiously to understand and accept one another.
Cancer Man & Leo Woman
The relationship between a Cancer man and a Leo woman would not be as successful as that of a Cancer woman and a Leo man. Lots of efforts and adjustments hold the key to the relationship and both the partners need to be vigilant about it. Still, the bond will have many positive traits, which will act in favor of the couple. Leo female craves for attention and love, which the Crab will be happy to give. The only thing which the Lioness needs to ensure is that she does not hurt the Crab. If she does, she can lose him forever.
Cancer Woman & Leo Man
A Cancer woman and a Leo man share opposing qualities, which make the attraction between the two quite pleasant. While the Lion loves to lead, the Crab loves to be led. The Cancer female would happily hand herself over to him and he, in turn, will take pride in showing her the way. Loyalty and commitment is on cards for the duo. On the love front, the couple will perform very well. She would have high regards for his qualities and he would be totally impressed by her affectionate nature. All in all, loads of compatibility will be there in this love match.

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