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Cancer Capricorn Compatibility - Cancer Man & Capricorn Woman, Cancer Female & Capricorn Male Love Match

Astrology: Cancer and Capricorn

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Cancer and Capricorn

The unison of Cancer and Capricorn can have either result. They can be very harmonious together or would have no chemistry at all. Their contrasting qualities can be sighted as the only reason which makes it a ‘make or break’ relationship. The Sea Goat demands the loyalty and trust from the Crab and, in return gives security to the Crab. Cancer admires and benefits from Capricorn's sense of duty and responsibility but Capricorn sometime lacks the sentiments, warmth and loving care, which is very important to Cancer.
Since the Cancer is very emotional and attached being, the go-getting nature of the Capricorn is an alien concept to the Crab. His impersonal and detached nature also hinders the relationship of the duo. However, there are positive aspects also in this relationship. Quality of sincerity, loyalty and trustworthiness is not a matter of concern for both the partners. If they have ample of communication and discuss everything, the bond would get stronger with time. They both need to realize that they are different from each other and need to walk towards their partner compromising and adjusting on their way.
Cancer Man & Capricorn Woman
The long-term standing of the relationship between the Cancer man and Capricorn woman is likely to fall apart after the initial infatuation. Unless both show efforts to make the relationship work with mutual adjustment and compromise, the sailing would not be very smooth. Things would start on a very high note for the two but would gradually come down to a nadir. The key to the relationship between Cancer male and Capricorn female is communication between the couple. If both of them show patience and understanding, the initial infatuation can be turned into great chemistry, in the future.
Cancer Woman & Capricorn Man
The main problem between the Cancer woman and Capricorn man is expression of love. Both are absolute opposites and would have a tough time to understand the other. While the Cancerian female is very expressive and loves to show her feelings, the Capricorn male does not feel comfortable doing so. Though he loves her a lot, he is very practical and realistic which comes in the way of displaying love. If the Crab needs to feel loved and cared about, she would have to compel emotions out of the Goat. Respect for each other’s opinions and views can make this relationship head towards a harmonious ending.

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