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A Cancer-Sagittarius love match has very less chances of compatibility. Read on to know more about Sagittarius-Cancer relationship.

Astrology: Cancer and Sagittarius

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Cancer and Sagittarius

The large number of differences between the basic characteristics of a Cancerian and a Sagittarian make their love match not a blissful one. Both are complete opposites of each other, when it comes to their lifestyle and attitude towards life. While the Archer is a social animal, who loves to interact with people and explore new places, the Crab is a homely being and prefers the comforts that home provides. Another factor which adds to their low compatibility level is the risk-taking attitude of the Sagittarian, which sharply contrasts with the cautiousness and carefulness of the Crab.
In the love front also, things do not work in the favor of the two. While a Cancerian demands security from the relationship, the Sagittarian is least likely to fulfill it. The independence of the latter will also serves as a hindrance in the smooth functioning of this relationship, especially since the Cancer is overtly dependent by nature. The former's ‘always on the move’ attitude will not be well taken by the Crab. Even emotionally, the duo does not gel together. The Crab is exceptionally sensitive and easily gets hurt by the blunt words of the Archer. This couple will need to work very hard to make their relationship work.
Cancer Man & Sagittarius Woman
Loads of efforts and compromise on either ends is the only thing that can sustain the relationship between a Cancerian male and a Sagittarian female. Since both differ drastically in terms of their nature and attitude, living together life-long would require major adjustments from the twosome. She will need to tame her independence and freedom, while he will need to try and be outgoing as well as adventurous. The flighty nature of the Sagittarian woman is likely to put in motion the suspicious nature of the Crab, while she would dislike his excessive emotional dependence. Lots of compromises are on the cards!
Cancer Woman & Sagittarius Man
The initial attraction will be there in this love match as well. However, things are not likely to remain the same all the time. A Cancer woman and a Sagittarius man represent the opposite sides of a coin. While the Sagittarius male is gregarious by nature and has an extremely outgoing and adventurous personality, the Cancer female is the home-bound and prefers to keep her circle limited. She regards security as a vital need and this will hardly be fulfilled in this relationship, since he is too carefree to take notice. She will feel insecure of his flirtatious attitude as well. Understanding, adjustment and compromise hold the key to the relationship.

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