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The zodiac sign of Cancer makes people moody in nature. Read on to know about the personality, traits and profile of Cancerians.

Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Traits

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Cancer Traits

Ruled by Moon, Cancerians can range from being brilliant, affable and famous to apprehensive, shy, dull and withdrawn. They are generally homely beings, who love the comforts and security of their home. A Cancerian will usually be the most pampered one in the family. He is gentle by nature and cannot hurt anyone intentionally. Having a cheerful attitude always, Cancerians are curious, versatile, bright, witty and adaptable to any circumstance. However, they are also over-imaginative and can become a victim of fantasy.
Childhood memories play an influential role in the mind of the Cancer individual. He might have an affinity to live in the past. While they are certain Cancer individuals who are emotional, romantic and sentimental, there are others who might be thick-skinned, unemotional, uncompromising, stubborn and shrewd. They are very moody and can get aggressive at times. However, Cancerians are usually devoted, faithful and loyal lovers. They are noted to be vigilant when it comes to trusting others with their heart.
A Cancerian is a good listener and is caring by nature, with a streak of possessiveness. He is kind and sympathetic to the dilemma faced by others. Cancerians are reliable, sincere, dedicated, responsible and determined, by nature. They are, by and large, good looking, with a very pleasing personality. They usually have a round face, with a medium height. They love traveling around and can be successful in the field of writing and poetry. Such individuals can get philosophical at times.

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