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Cancerian Men are family-oriented and sensitive. Check out the characteristics profile, love traits and personality of a Cancer man.

Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Man

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Cancer Man

Cancerian male is a complete family-oriented person and gives his family members the first priority in his life. He especially shares a very close relationship with his mother. A feeling of homesickness creeps into his mind if he is out for a long time. A Cancerian man is highly emotional and sympathetic in nature. Though he looks attractive and elegant, he refuses to acknowledge it. He would prefer to be secured in the comforts of the home, rather than share a few seconds of fame.
The only time when a Cancer male wishes to be recognized is when he excels in the task and duty entrusted to him. Another specific trait of a Cancer male is his moodiness. Extremely temperamental, he can be happy one moment and sad the other. It is very difficult to crack a Cancer male, though he may be a sweetheart to talk to. He often avoids falling into a serious relationship and even if he indulges in it, in the first place, it would be with a lot anxiety and apprehension.
Cancer men often act miserly as well. Every time they have to purchase something, they would think twice before taking out money. They can be subjective in times of emotional stress, failing to judge situations objectively. A Cancer male has a natural tendency to look for beauty and magnificence in every thing he comes across. He is usually courteous and well-dressed. He can also be a very good cook and story teller. Cancerian male is generous with his affection and displays a lot of love, care, intimacy and understanding for his loved ones.

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