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Children of Cancer zodiac sign are generally moody and love their family. Explore the personality traits and characteristics of a Cancer child.

Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Child

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Cancer Child

A Cancerian child exhibits various moods, just like his adult counterpart. He is temperamental to the extent that, at times, you can record different mood state every hour. His face is a complete give away of the mood he is experiencing at the present. A Cancerian child is emotional and hence it is very necessary for you to be around him most of the times, lest he feels lonely. He loves delicious food and drinks, but almost always drips even when the early years are over.
Cancerian children are fascinated by colors and pictures. They have an amazing memory and can remember minutest details of their infancy, even in adult age. However, they may cry a lot and use tears to get what they want. Cancerian kids long to be hugged, loved and encouraged and if rejected, they are capable of withdrawing into their inward shell. Though children born under this sign are very obedient in the early stage, they might get a little rebellious as they grow old.
Family plays a very important role in the lives of a Cancerian child. Security, love and affection are his primary needs, which must be fulfilled by his parents. The way his family members behave with him has a lot of bearing in his emotional stability. Cancerian kids have a free mind and a wide imagination. They are generally, docile and well-mannered. However, they need to be given constant reassurance by their parents.

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