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Do you want to know about the personality and profile of Aquarian men? This article will explain the characteristics & love traits of Aquarius Man.

Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Man

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Aquarius Man

The key characteristics of an Aquarian man are that he is unpredictable, intelligent and fascinating. Having a charming personality, he draws women by his sheer charisma. He usually thinks much ahead of his time and his thoughts cater to the interest of the society as a whole. It is very difficult to crack an individual born under this sign. Aquarian man is very spontaneous and his practical, respectable side makes him secure and stable. Being friendly in nature, Aquarian male is capable of becoming your best buddy and also an unconventional lover.
An Aquarian man prefers older, strong and dominating woman as his life partner. This is purely amazing keeping in mind that Aquarians hate to be controlled by anyone. However, the challenge posed by the woman makes him interested and her irresistible. Aquarian men are likely to be faithful and trusting, truly committed to their partner. This is because treachery and Aquarians are poles apart.  Aquarian man will never come across as selfish or dominating. Rather, he is always ready to help others, sometimes even without asking.
Social interaction and ability to impress the masses for a good cause are aspects that are closer to the Aquarian heart. Aquarian men often believe that the way they choose is always the best. Full of surprises, they simply cannot be happy or fulfilled unless they are free to do as they like. An Aquarian male would have his silent spells once in a while and during those periods, it is better to leave him alone. He will come back soon enough for you to wonder whether he was even gone. While an Aquarian seeks change all the time, there might be a time when he would turn calm and composed.

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