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With this article, learn about the personality, profile, traits and characteristics of Aquarius/ Aquarian children.

Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Child

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Aquarius Child

An Aquarius child is a quick thinker and wants to analyze everyone and everything under the sun. He loves to scrutinize the actions as well as the words of people around him. The inquisitiveness level of an Aquarian child is high. However, as an infant, he poses an outward calm and patience and is a delight to be with. An Aquarian kid is sensitive and intuitive. He is always full of amazing ideas, some of which are sure to amuse you.
Children born under the Aquarian sign usually have an analytical and logical mind and ask reasons about everything. They are also very clear in their actions and conscious of their results. Aquarian children are nature lovers and feel refreshed when surrounded by natural splendor. Having good intuitive powers, they can give a possible solution even before listening to the complete problem. An Aquarius child is not attracted towards love and romance. He needs his own time to get used to this particular aspect of life.
An Aquarian kid needs a lot of love, especially in the form of respect, listening, appreciation and friendship. He can be rebellious in nature, resisting commands and rules. However, he will easily come to sensible conclusions when allowed to think things through. Aquarian children pay a lot of attention to spoken words and can get hurt very easily even if unintentionally said. Such things play an important role in their personality development and can lay a long impression in their minds as well. However, they might get absentminded at times.

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