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Those who want to explore the personality & profile of a Virgo will find this article useful. It will tell you all about the zodiac sign

Astrology: Virgo: Virgo Traits

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Virgo Traits

This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos are typically characterized by their love for cleanliness. They have a knack for hygiene and an eye for detail, which makes them a perfectionist by virtue. Conservative, with a rather reserved approach, Virgo individuals are polite and soft spoken. They are methodical and practical in the way they lead their life and have a logical mindset. They appreciate things of beauty, are very tidy by nature and like to keep their surrounding highly clean.
Virgos can be emotionally cold, to the extent that they can shrink from committing themselves to new relationships in life. They exert a careful disposition, in terms of friendship, and maintain it on the superficial levels. Another specific Virgo characteristic is their expectation from others. A Virgo individual expects a lot from others. They are often found to be unconvinced with work of others and try to pick mistakes each time. This is because of the flair for details, which is one of the dominant signs of a Virgo individual.
Virgos possess an analytical and logical mind and hence try to chip in as much details as possible, in their conversations. They have a pleasing personality and a shy nature and love to live by their own set of rules. They are mostly of a medium stature, with a delicate structure and attractive looks. Most of them have a long nose and sharp voice. Virgos are go-getters and once strong-willed, they set out to achieve their aim with a fiery determination.

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