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The characteristics of a Virgo child include the love for cleanliness. Explore more on the personality traits of Virgo children/kids.

Astrology: Virgo: Virgo Child

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Virgo Child

Hygiene and cleanliness are inherent characteristics of a Virgo child. He would always keep his room clean and tidy. He is an observer would love to study his surroundings, rather than involve himself in crying. Sincere and disciplined, a Virgo child makes life easier for his parents. He does not have to be told time and again, what to do and what not to indulge in. When instructed lovingly, he would do only what he has been asked for. Virgo children are quick, alert and excellent mimics. They can learn many things in a short duration of time.
Virgo children are fussy eaters and would eat only those things which they love. They are very choosy in case of food and if given anything other than their favorites, would surely create a mess. They usually get upset when they are teased or mocked at. Virgo children shy away from social gatherings and can feel lonely and isolated when they are at a new place. They need to be encouraged to mingle with people and make new friends. However, at home, they are very active and would happily imitate the adults.
A Virgo child is honest and reliable. He would not shy away from taking any responsibility and would be logical and rational in his thought process. Understanding and analyzing people is a part of the kid's development and assists in his emotional and intellectual growth. A Virgo kid values time and is never late for anything. He is also an avid reader. He considers himself a perfectionist and might get upset if he forgets something that he had memorized. A Virgo Kid rarely questions authority, but frequently questions facts.

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