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Do you want to know about the characteristics & personality of a Gemini man? This article provides the complete profile of Gemini men.

Astrology: Gemini: Gemini Man

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Gemini Man

Gemini man is intelligent, knowledgeable, effective communicator and versatile in nature. He gets bored easily and hence, longs for variety and change in life.  He is blessed with the ability to comprehend both sides of a situation and thus, can be the perfect mediator in tough situations. Being considerate and humane, Gemini man knows the values of friendship. Having sophisticated looks, Gemini he is simple by nature and a child at heart. Gemini male is fun-loving and holds a passionate zeal for parties and entertainment.
Blessed with a charming personality, a Gemini man has a sex appeal that attracts a lot of women. It has been noted that such a man tends to be involved in a lot of relationship before his marriage. However, once he has found the right person, he would be loyal to her. A Gemini man tends to lose interest the moment his partner stops challenging him. Since he can get bored very easily, it is necessary for a female to keep him entertained if she wants to maintain a love relationship with him.
Gemini man is a lover of beauty, but that of mind and brain. He would hardly get impressed by a person who looks attractive, but has little intelligence. He is least dominating, possessive or jealous and gives lots of space to his partner. Another peculiarity of a Gemini man is his opposing thoughts. He might present two complete different thoughts about a single aspect and defend them both. It is hard to bind a Gemini male, as he has the desires of fitting as much into his life as is possible at one time.

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