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Gemini child is a free bird. Read on to know more about the personality and characteristics of Gemini children.

Astrology: Gemini: Gemini Child

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Gemini Child

Being exploratory in nature, a Gemini child easily gets attracted to some new thing every now and then. He is essentially a free bird and wants to explore new avenues, even if they are out of his reach. This would help him learn new things and also aid his all round development. A Gemini kid usually learns to read quickly and is also fast on crawling and walking. He is very lively, full of physical energy and hates to be confined to a single place. Boredom is one of the main horrors of a Gemini kid.
Gemini children often get into problems as they have the habit of involving themselves in more than one thing at a time. They usually make a lot of plans and then, leave one plan half way through in order to complete the second one. Then in the middle of the latter, he would time realize that the first one was better. This may sound like a major problem, but he is capable of handling this well. It is generally seen that Gemini children are low in concentration and lack stability in life.
A Gemini child has creative mind and loves to think of different ways of doing the same things. He is usually noted to be a bright and friendly person and has friends of both same sex and opposite sex. A Gemini kid can make great use of his hands and fingers and can be even ambidextrous. Gemini kids are always alert of their surroundings and might also be able to mimic others. Playing sports is one of the favorite pastimes of the little Gemini.

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