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Cameras Above 15 MP

Canon Cameras
Canon EOS 500D (15.10 MP)
Canon EOS 50D (15.50 MP)
Canon EOS 600D (18.70 MP)
Canon EOS 60D (19.00 MP)
Canon EOS 7D (19.00 MP)
Leica Cameras
Leica V-Lux 2 (15.10 MP)
Nikon Cameras
Nikon F6 (24.50 MP)
Olympus Cameras
OLYMPUS SZ-20 (16.80 MP)
Panasonic Cameras
Pentax Cameras
Penax 645D (40.10 MP)
Pentax K-5 (16.90 MP)
Pentax K-7 (15.07 MP)
Pentax K20D (15.07 MP)
Samsung Cameras
Samsung NV100HD (15.00 MP)
Samsung NX10 (15.10 MP)
Samsung PL170 (16.40 MP)
Samsung ST700 (16.40 MP)
Samsung ST95 (16.40 MP)
Samsung WB210 (16.40 MP)
Sony Cameras
Sony A55 (16.70 MP)
Sony A850 (25.70 MP)
Sony DSLR-A580 (16.70 MP)

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